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Welcome to the Handbook Series website. 

These books provide the latest in archaeological research pertaining to prehistoric peoples in an easy to understand format meant for John Q. Public. Through these books, you can: 

Handbook of Mississippi's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts
Handbook of Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts
  • Learn how to identify the artifacts you find

  • Learn the historical value of your artifacts

  • Learn detailed information about the people that made and used these artifacts

  • Learn what we know about identified cultures

  • Learn detailed information regarding each time period in regions of the state

  • Learn what the state and federal laws actually say regarding artifacts, archaeology, and private property

  • Learn the terminology used to identify projectile points and pottery

  • Learn the rocks found in each state and how to identify them

  • Learn how to utilize the tables in the Handbook to assist with your artifact identification

  • Review pictures of artifacts from all over the state. 

For further information, or to complete a purchase, just click on the book in which you are interested.

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