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Handbook of Mississippi's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts

March 2024

640 pages, full color

With all the information accessible online, one would have to spend hours searching to find the amount of information that is understandable to a non-professional and relating to the Southeast, specifically Mississippi, that is available here, right at the reader's fingertips. Here, one can find information that answers the common "what," "how," and "why" questions most people have about pre-contact Mississippi archaeology. Because archaeology is a destructive science and archaeologists are ethically bound to share the results of their work with the public, these are answers the tax-paying public is entitled to know. We are all different and have different interests and priorities, and not everyone gets excited about learning what a celt is or how pottery was made 1,000 years ago, but those who do: responsible collectors, avocational archaeologists, descendant communities, and professional archaeologists can all benefit from the years of knowledge and experience amassed here in this book. Knowledge of the past reminds us of the diversity of human history. We are neither the first, nor the last people to occupy this land. The information is here for you, the good you do with it and how you use it to enrich your life is up to you.                                        




Handbook of Mississippi's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts
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