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This book is a welcome addition to the study of archaeology and the collecting hobby of not only Alabama, but the Southeast as a whole. Not since "Sun Circles and Human Hands" has such an exhaustive treatise on the rich archaeology of the area been published. It begins with an overview of the discipline of archaeology. This chapter serves as an appropriate bridge between the field of archaeology and the collecting hobby. A thorough overview of "arrowheadology" describes the anatomy of a projectile point and all the various forms. The book has a unique breakdown of the main lithic types found in Alabama along with maps showing the dispersion of each chert type across the state. Pictures of each lithic type are shown. One of the most informative aspects of the book is a thorough examination of pottery including descriptions of vessel forms and structures. The next section includes a thorough description of each cultural period along with general maps showing locations of major cultural sites. Within each cultural section is a great breakdown of each point type including the origin of the point name and a dispersion map as well as pictures of examples. If pottery types were made during that period, they are shown. An exhaustive list of each type along with a dispersion map and vivid sherd pictures is included and, where available, pictures of intact vessels. The book closes with a description of some of the major popular archaeological sites and several Alabama museums including some sites with which many readers may not be familiar such as the newer Dust Cave site. Proceeds from the book are funneled through the Alabama Archaeological Society to fund archaeological research in the state.

Handbook of Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts

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